Searching for a pair of sandals that he couldn't find, co-founder, Justin Wheeler decided to embark on a mission to create a style like no other. He and business partner, Amanda Amos, began building PimpFlops. A luxury line of sandals that move beyond the beach. 

PimpFlops bridge the gap between comfort and style with arch support, patent pending FlopFlex Technology, and an ultra-plush interior that promises to stay dry, PimpFlops steps away from the exhausted look of a supportive sandal and into a fresh new trend with bright colors and fun materials, all while keep our furry (and scaly) friends free from harm. 

PimpFlops are the definition of comfortable, they're meant to hold up to standing for hours, walking all day, a no slip grip for days on the boat or making a statement, even if it's just lounging on the beach.